Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tibetan lights self on fire at anti-China protest

Tibetan exile lit himself on fire and ran shouting through a protest in the Indian capital Monday, just ahead of a visit by China's president and following self-immolations in the Himalayan region against Beijing's rule.

The protester apparently had doused himself with something highly flammable and was engulfed in flames when he ran past the podium where speakers were criticizing China and the visit by President Hu Jintao.

Fellow activists beat out the flames with Tibetan flags and poured water onto him. He was on fire perhaps less than two minutes, but some of his clothing disintegrated and his skin was mottled with black, burned patches by the time he was driven to a hospital.

The man, identified as Jampa Yeshi, sustained burns on 85 percent of his body and his condition was critical, a senior police officer said.

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