Monday, March 19, 2012

India's first Mr Universe turns 100

Manohar Aich reached the biggest milestone of his life in 1952 to become India's first Mr Universe, the most prestigious title for a bodybuilder. a former Mr Universe known as the 'Pocket Hercules' celebrates his 100th birthday.
And what has been the key to long life for the super-fit centenarian who has battled poverty, a stint in prison and a minor stroke - not taking life too seriously.
The diminutive Manohar Aich, who is 4ft 11ins tall, overcame many hurdles to achieve his body building glory. Born in the small town of Comilla in Bengal, he was attracted to exercising and building his muscles when as a schoolboy he saw a group of wrestlers in action.
After leaving school in 1942, he joined the Royal air force under India's British colonial rulers and it was there that he began his relentless pursuit of body building.

Encouraged by a British officer named Reub Martin, who introduced him to weight training, Aich earned praise for his physique from his peers in the air force.

Some years later, however, he was thrown into prison when he protested against colonial oppression. 'In jail I used to practice on my own, without any equipment, sometimes for 12 hours in a day.'.
He was later released after india's indipendance in 1947. Aiche first contested Mr. universe in 1950 and ended in second. Then he decided to stay in london and crowned Mr. universe title in 1952.

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